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This is perhaps an unusual site as it is dedicated to exploring not to a hobby, a passion or a vocation, but rather to – as wikipedia puts it – a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

The Fight / Flight / Freeze response is fascinating because it ensures we will never know how we will react to certain situations. We may like to tell ourselves that should we encounter an emergency situation we would take the lead, be decisive and direct our troops to safety. But the fact remains that none of us know for sure how we are going to react to certain situations.

And nobody is safe. Watch this YouTube video below of the top Hollywood director Michael Bay as he takes part in a presentation for Samsung (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R4rMy1iA268). Also note some of the moronic comments left underneath by users mocking him for something that can happen to any of us.

Stage fright is extremely common and to learn how to get over stage fright it is helpful to look at what is actually happening when the panic begins.

So what is the Fight / Flight or Freeze response? It has been identified that when an animal detects something harmful or when they PERCEIVE something as harmful, a cascade of hormones are released that prime for animal to either fight the threat or to flee the scene.

Ever seen a boxing weigh in when one of the fighters has randomly gone for his opponent when they are taking part in the staring competition. You can bet this is the fighters fight mechanism kicking in too early.

This phenomenon is what is responsible for panic attacks. Usually the sufferer perceives some kind of threat to them, even if it is nothing physical, and the response kicks in. This is particularly true during public speaking, where there is no physical threat, but there is still a great deal of anxiety due to the sufferer fearing judgment from their peers. By interpreting this anxiety correctly it is possible to actually use these hormones and adrenaline to your advantage (www.publicspeakingadvice.co.uk).

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